Sustainable Impact

  • Unlock in Haitians the power to solve their own problems
  • Build community self-sufficiency through economic development and systems-change
  • Democratize power
  • Cultivate personal dignity, cooperation, and confidence among community members
  • Build collaboration and trust between Haitians and Americans
  • Work in an integrated approach, not in silos.


  • Before initiating any work, we jointly participate with local experts and community leaders in inquiry-based, relationship-building dialogue, which leads to essential trust and transparency.
  • This realigns the balance of power (from those with money/knowledge/resources to those with local insight/experience).
  • It also empowers the people who will benefit most from CEI’s work by enabling them to decide upon and enact solutions that are best for them.
  • This feeds the sustainability of our work, as local community members invest in their success from the outset.


  • We create partnerships with local communities before the program design phase—this is what makes CEI unique and makes our model work so well!
  • We partner with a Haitian Community Based Organization (a legally registered organization in Haiti; the equivalent of a nonprofit in the U.S) to ensure everything we do is effective, transparent and culturally appropriate.
  • We create financial transparency for every project, every dollar spent.
  • We offer thought leadership and partnership.