Everything we do is predicated on community support! We partner with a local CBO to ensure transparency, accountability, and cultural sensitivity. We work with local experts to overcome obstacles of corruption, inefficiencies, etc. And we implement the following programs:

Train Haitians to build participatory civic infrastructure where it is failing or does not exist, including:

  • Farm co-ops
  • Women’s groups
  • Teacher and youth training
  • Community arts and film

Facilitate the growth and expansion of local economies through programs that build individual prosperity, capacity and well-being, including:

  • Livestock initiatives
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Financial education

Facilitate cultural exchanges:

  • Foster understanding between disenfranchised and impoverished Haitians and Americans who want to make a difference.
  • Educate Americans about how to best help in Haiti, and how to create better, more effective and sustainable aid programs.
  • Bring Haitian community leaders, educators, subject-matter specialists, artists, musicians and filmmakers to the U.S. to learn about civic engagement, their areas of expertise, and to partner with their American counterparts in joint learning experiences.