Fritz Serge

Agriculture Technician


Fritz Serge lives in Jeannette, Haiti and is CEI’s Agriculture Technician there. He is reintroducing better farming techniques and working directly with local farmers to improve yields, diversify crops, and restore depleted soil. Serge initially worked in the Jeannette area from 1993-     . During those years he was responsible for planting over 30,000 trees in an area that was until then almost completely deforested. From 199… to 2016 he worked as an agriculture technician in the Dominican Republic, in Grande Colline Haiti, and in Fond Verrette, Haiti. Now, CEI has brought him back to Jeannette to help recover from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and to assist Agronomist Arol Ilerand in creating a thriving, sustainable agricultural social business in Jeannette while improving nutrition, soil quality, and the economic stability.


CEI’s Haitian and American leaders have been working together for over 25 years.

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