Franck Toussaint

Goat Program Manager


Franck Toussaint lives in Leogane, Haiti. Franck has over thirty years of experience in the growing of successful goat farming enterprises for communities in rural Haiti.  In Haiti, goats bring economic stability to smallholder farmers, and nutrition to the general population. Franck trained with Winrock International, at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, Tuskegee University, and at the University of Georgia. His training includes animal husbandry, management and disease control for goat farming, controlling worms in goat population, and more. From 1985 – 2016 he coordinated the GHA goat program in Haiti .

Unlike most “give a family a goat” philanthropic models, Franck begins by selecting and training local veterinary technicians who will maintain the program. He trains locally-selected farmers, brings top-quality Haitian females and imported boars, from the start, incorporates a give-back program that requires each beneficiary to contribute to the farming community, and training to Jeannette, Haiti and works with farmers to create a sustainable social business.


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