Jean Renel Louis

Communication Coordinator


Jean Renel Louis lives in Martissant, Haiti. He coordinates communication, accountability, and reporting among Haitian and US program directors and leadership teams. In addition, he serves as CEI’s Music Program Director in Haiti. When in the United States, Renel assists CEI in cultural exchange programs for schools. He is a fourth-year student at U.N.E.P.H. where he will soon receive a B.S. in the Science of Education. Additional studies include training workshops in Jamaica in orchestral and choir for at-risk youth. Courses he has taught include Haitian Literature at College St. Mathieu; music education, theory and solfege, at Ste. Trinite, Baptiste d’Haiti and St. Marc; and flute a bec at Colleges les Normaliens Reunis. His interests include inquiry-based learning, positive motivation for students, research and advanced studies in educational pedagogy, and bringing democratizing education to students and teachers in Haiti.


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