Rodolphe Eloi

Senior Advisor

Rodolphe Eloi lives in Leogane, Haiti. He has thirty years of experience in developing community capacity and local leadership, and in facilitating...

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Catherine Parrill

Founder and CEO, Creative Exchanges Initiative

“I believe that we can create a more just and equitable world, honor human dignity, and find solutions to the problems of poverty if we start...

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Jean Renel Louis

Communication Coordinator

Jean Renel Louis lives in Martissant, Haiti. He coordinates communication, accountability, and reporting among Haitian and US program directors and...

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Franck Toussaint

Goat Program Manager

Franck Toussaint lives in Leogane, Haiti. Franck has over thirty years of experience in the growing of successful goat farming enterprises for...

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Arol Ilerand

Agriculture Program Manager

Arol Ilerand lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in rural Haiti in the Department of Nippes. He is passionate about bringing better farming...

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