In Haiti, CEI invests in local communities and their leadership to create sustainable improvements in areas of livelihoods, food security, land restoration, and economic development. We also create cross-cultural networks to promote understanding and provide opportunities in the United States and Haiti.

Economic Prosperity

The CEI Model fundamentally disrupts the cycle of poverty through a unique community-led, relationship-building process — addressing and solving problems of social injustice, and civic disenfranchisement.

Education & Training

CEI’s transformational education initiatives, founded on inquiry-based and problem-posing pedagogy, develops capable people prepared to solve their problems and those of their community and nation.

Cultural Exchanges

CEI arranges cross-cultural, shared-learning opportunities and collaborative endeavors to foster understanding and appreciation, learn from each other, and create a better future.

Music, Art & Film

“The best way to develop a country is through the kind of education that changes people’s mentality. CEI’s programs are not welfare. They are not a handout. They are a new kind of development.”— Jean Renel Louis, CEI Music and Art Program Director

APSHA — CEI’s Operating Partner in Haiti

CEI’S work is 100% driven and managed by local partners in Haiti. APSHA, a Haitian Community Based Organization (CBO), oversees all operations, guaranteeing transparency and accountability, lasting and equitable results, and locally-led/locally-driven transformation.