Education & Training

CEI's transformational education initiatives, founded on inquiry-based and problem-posing pedagogy, develops capable people prepared to solve their problems and those of their community and nation.

We partner with the Haitian Ministry of Education, expert Haitian educators, and other experts to build skills and create a participatory civil infrastructure through:

Teacher Training


  • Training for 1,200 teachers & principals from 173 schools in departments of Miragoâne and Grand Anse
  • Benefitted 20,000 students

90% of attendees said it was their first training in how to teach.

"It's important for students to learn to do research, thesis writing, collaborate, and share their learnings. They must learn to lead the change that Haiti needs. We thank CEI for making this impacting initiative possible."Jean Marc Govain, Haitian Ministry of Education Inspector

Student Academic Competitions


  • Involved 2,000 students in 23 participating schools
  • Included research, problem-solving, collaboration, thesis writing, and presentation
  • Resulted in awareness in students and staff that they have within themselves the solutions to many of their community's problems

90% of attendees said it was their first training in how to teach.

Women's Group Training


Led by CEI's Haitian Education Director Naichka Leonard, graduate of Anseye Pou Ayiti, a Haitian organization dedicated to building civic leaders and spreading educational equity throughout Haiti.

  • Over 400 members across 10 villages
  • Establishing cooperative micro agri-business endeavors
  • Gaining leadership and economic skills
  • Creating self-governed local savings & loan groups
  • Growing community gardens and nurseries that provide seedlings to entire community

Creative Exchanges Initiative

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