CEI arranges cross-cultural, shared-learning opportunities and collaborative endeavors to:

  • Foster understanding and appreciation
  • Share knowledge, skills, resources, and expertise
  • Learn from one another & from our shared histories
  • Right the wrongs of the past
  • Enable us to create a better future together

Art, Music & Film

CEI partners with MobiCINÊ Haiti, MWÊM, and Fast-Forward Haiti to bring Haitian and American filmmakers together for joint creative projects.

We bring Haitian artists & musicians to the US for presentations and for collaborative projects with American artists & musicians.


CEI brings Haitian educators to the US to give presentations to American students and to collaborate with teachers.

We partner with schools, universities, and other learning institutions such as McDowell Farm School, to provide learning opportunities for Americans and Haitians.

CEI provides programs and forums for US non-profits, conferences, and communities who want to learn about Haiti firsthand.

Subject Matter Experts

CEI facilitates partnerships, apprenticeships, and short-term learning experiences between American and Haitian experts in areas, such as agronomy, sustainability, education, and more.

CEI arranges shared-learning experiences for Haitians and Americans, tailoring specialists in a each to the participants’ particular needs.