Norly Germain, PhD

Adjunct Professor, JWU and URI


Dr. Norly Germain is an Adjunct Professor at Johnson and Wales University in Providence campus and the University of Rhode Island. Born and raised in Haiti, he received his bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Quisqueya University in Haiti, and his Master degree and PhD in Industrial Engineering and Hospital Engineering from University of Lorraine in Metz – France. His research interests include Healthcare management in the developing world with a focus on maternal and child health, infectious diseases and neglected tropical diseases. His goals include applying Industrial Engineering tools/techniques to better tackle the challenges faced by healthcare and other systems in developing countries. Over the last 10 years he has spoken at universities and traveled to multiple places to raise awareness about the hardships that suffer the people in Haiti, mostly due to natural disasters such as earthquake and hurricane, and how humanitarian aids can affect directly and efficiently those in need. Dr. Germain is also a Kingian Nonviolence trainer (level II) who embraces the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about the beloved community and social change. Norly’s background in psychology, training in non-violence, and an understanding of the human condition—including the power of the human spirit to change, to adapt, and to be resilient—are personal and academic strengths. He believes anyone can be an agent of change and make a difference that could positively affect another persons life forever.


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