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Eight Years After the 2010 Haitian Earthquake

Eight years after the horrendous eartquake on January 12 2010, one of the deadliest natural disasters of modern times struck Haiti.  


CEI Speaks With NPR's Robert Siegel

All of us at CEI would love to take a moment to reflect on a wonderful experience our founder and some of our friends had some years ago.  Cathy and some of her former students appeared on All Things Considered on National Public Radio with host Robert Siegel.


Meet CEI: Arol Ilerand, Agriculture Program Manager

Arol Ilerand lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in rural Haiti in the Department of Nippes. He is passionate about bringing better farming techniques and crops to smallholder farmers, empowering them through the development of local community leadership, and restoring depleted soil in rural Haiti.


Meet CEI: Fedler Descobet, Artist, Musician, and School Program Presenter

CEI discovered Fedler in June 2016, when he helped lead a music camp we sponsored in Jeannette, Haiti. His work with children and his passion for helping them change the future in Haiti was as as exceptional as his talent. 


Meet CEI: Rodolphe Eloi, Senior Advisor in Haiti

Creative Exchanges Initiative is an organization that is made greater by the wonderful staff and volunteers furthering its mission to make progressive change in Haiti. One of our great examples is our Senior Advisor in Haiti, Rodolphe Eloi.


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