Eight Years After the 2010 Haitian Earthquake


Eight years after the horrendous eartquake on January 12 2010, one of the deadliest natural disasters of modern times struck Haiti. 

The world learned, from the disastrous results of the $13.5 billion that was pledged for relief and rebuilding efforts, that something needed to change.

When a Category 4 Hurricane hit Haiti a little over a year ago, CEI’s Haitian Team there showed us how to make that change. They put a new twist on disaster relief that, nearly overnight, turned a natural disaster into an opportunity for sustainable development and community transformation.

Three weeks after 140 mph winds and 44 inches of rain pummeled rural villages in the area of Haiti where CEI works, our Senior Advisor in Haiti and his team had created a strategy that we rolled out in January 2017. The results have been astounding.

Over 4,000 people's lives touched with goat and agriculture programs that prevented migration away from farms that had been devastated. Improving nutrition and economy building are going hand in hand with the building of a stronger civil infrastructure. Locally-led community transformation are changing the disaster-relief story in Haiti.

Today, on the eighth anniversary of the horrendous earthquake, CEI is proud to celebrate a different kind of story, thanks to its Team in Haiti.

Congratulations Eloi, Franck, Arol, Renel, Serge, Madame Hillaire, Gregory, Jean Marc, and all who are helping write a new chapter in the story of relief and development work in Haiti!

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