Meet CEI: Fedler Descobet, Artist, Musician, and School Program Presenter


Fedler lived with his mother and sister in a low-income area of Port-au-Prince until 2010. His sister was killed in the earthquake, and his mother never fully recovered. Since age 14 he has raised himself and often cared for his ill mother as well. 

CEI discovered Fedler in June 2016, when he helped lead a music camp we sponsored in Jeannette, Haiti. His work with children and his passion for helping them change the future in Haiti was as as exceptional as his talent. 

“When I was little I got good grades in everything but art and music,” says Fedler. “My teacher told my Mom I couldn’t draw or sing. So I decided I’d teach myself, and prove I could.”

CEI now brings Fedler to Alabama for short cultural exchange programs to work with school children here just as he does in Haiti — teaching them about art, music, and that you can succeed in anything if you try hard enough.

Fedler wants to study art, and CEI is committed to investing in his future. He has met with faculty at Jefferson State Community College (they are very interested in him!), passed the TOEFL exam, and wants to come here to study art.

CEI is seeking people and groups who want to invest in Fedler’s future by contributing to tuition and housing costs. When you invest in Fedler, you’re also investing in youth in Alabama and Haiti. 

In return for the scholarship assistance, Fedler will continue inspiring students both here and there, opening their eyes to other cultures as well as to their own talents and potential. An investment in Fedler’s future will help thousands of children, too.

To learn more and to donate directly to support causes like Fedler’s visit us at the CEI website.

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