Meet CEI: Rodolphe Eloi, Senior Advisor in Haiti


Creative Exchanges Initiative is an organization that is made greater by the wonderful staff and volunteers furthering its mission to make progressive change in Haiti. One of our great examples is our Senior Advisor in Haiti, Rodolphe Eloi.

Having had thirty years experience in leadership in Jeannette, Eloi also has been a Board Member of CEI since its inception in 2014. With expertise in Capacity Building, Development, and Strategic Planning, Eloi has served as an integral part of furthering CEI’s strategic goals in Haiti.

“My life’s work has been to help educate people in one of the poorest areas of Haiti,” explained Eloi. “It’s my dream that one day Haitians will not be dependent on foreign aid, and that everyone has the chance to develop to their full potential. I want to see my country thrive.”

Eloi started working as a teacher in Jeannette before the school building was even finished. During his first year of work there, he even slept on a floor in the office. The nearest water was a two hour walk away. He has dedicated his whole life to the people in that area, first as teacher, then principal, administrator, and now senior overseer.

There were seven students in the first class that completed all six grades under Eloi’s direction, all starting without books or building. Years later, one of those seven students has a PhD, another has a master’s in agronomy, and another works for the Haitian Ministry of Education to oversee educational quality in twenty two schools in the region.

Each of them will say that Eloi is one of the main reasons for their success. Now, Eloi and his long-time colleague Franck Toussaint are founding a new nonprofit in Haiti. It will partner with CEI, and in time oversee all in-country work.

This level of qualified local oversight has been a missing link between American entities and the Haitian end-users who are most affected by their contributions. CEI is very excited about the many ways this will improve development work in Haiti.

Eloi’s work with CEI and his new nonprofit needs your support. To complete the legalization of his nonprofit in Haiti and grow his partnership with CEI, he will need the funding for the application and the establishment of his new office in Haiti.

Every dollar helps get Eloi, CEI, and the new nonprofit closer to these goals. If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to CEI to further this support, please see the donation page on our site.

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