CEI's Music Instruction Program Inspires Youth of Haiti


“The best way to develop a country is through the kind of education that changes people’s mentality…CEI’s programs are not welfare. They are not a handout. They are a new kind of development.”—Jean Renel Louis, CEI Music and Art Program Director

The CEI Band has become a well-known favorite in the Paillant region, playing at festivals, holidays, and concerts. Music programs develop confidence, a sense of pride, and teamwork. Music develops the brain, too. “The effect of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness and thus requires society to re-examine the role of music in shaping individual development”—Neuroscientists Nina Kraus and Bharath Chandrasekaran

CEI proudly salutes Maestro Jean Renel Louis and the music and art staff he leads.



MORE: CEI Band Plays At Fèt Drapo In Paillant

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CEI’s Haitian and American leaders have been working together for over 25 years.

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