DIG Workshop a Huge Success


CEI was pleased to introduce Development in Gardening (DIG) to Haiti! The group has worked in Kenya, Zambia, Senegal, Uganda, Namibia, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Burkina Faso to build agricultural capacity and maintain diverse, sustainable gardens. They held the 3-day workshop in Jeannette and the surrounding area.

They worked with local agriculture cooperative members in Corail and Demaro to create a demonstration plot in one of the CEI-sponsored community gardens. After clearing the space, they dug a hole approximately 6” deep and layered leaves, charcoal powder, compost made from goat droppings, and soil. The technique is designed to keep water in the bed, so that gardens can produce in the dry season. This method also enriches the soil, and reduces lab or over time.

On Days Two and Three, 50 farming leaders from 15 municipalities in the Commune of Jeannette worked in the classroom and on-site.

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CEI’s Haitian and American leaders have been working together for over 25 years.

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