Arol Ilerand Leads Agriculture Seminar for Commune of Paillant


On March 23-25, CEI hosted a seminar for 55 agriculture technicians and leaders from 15 villages in the commune of Paillant, Haiti. The event was the first of its kind in the area, bringing together men and women farmers and agriculture technicians for three days of intensive work and study.

Honored guests and speakers included Paillant Magistrate Judd Brice, Kazek Genel Eloi, Haiti Development Institute Senior Director of Operations and Capacity Elie Lafortune, and our own Agronomist Arol Ilerand. Workshop Topics included:

  • Haitian agricultural system and land use patterns.
  • Improvement of the food and nutritional security of the rural households in the Commune of Paillant
  • Agricultural resilience after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.
  • Panel discussion of community life and local responsibilities.
  • The main causes of land conflicts in rural Haiti.
  • Incorporating the Six Principles of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • DIG Workshop:
    • Farming techniques to improve production during the dry season
    • Creating “natural” pesticides through planting technique
    • Improving soil using organic materials to increase yields and decrease labor
    • Practical application on local plots of land.

Special thanks to Madame Betty Albert, who arranged magnificent meals for all participants each day of the workshop, and to Pere Lenord Quatorze who graciously hosted the meetings in the conference room at St. Marc.

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