What’s Happening On the Water Front?


Water’s a problem in Haiti. In many parts of the country it’s not possible to drill a well and there are neither rivers nor lakes.

  • Haiti has rainy and dry seasons. In the dry seasons, crops can’t grow and people don’t have water to drink.

  • Haitians need reliable sources of water for drinking, as well as goats and agriculture

  • Jeannette and the surrounding area is typical. It’s not possible to drill a well there (a hydrogeological study completed by Northwater Consulting, funded by generous CEI supporters Edward Inderrieden and Jean Maier. Click here for full details. 

  • It’s not an easy problem to solve. But it’s do-able

Exciting news: Thanks to another generous donation from Edward Inderrieden and Jean Maier, CEI has again engaged Northwater Consulting to continue our work to find the most effective solutions to the severe water problems in Jeannette, Demaro, Corail, Tibouken, and surrounding area.

Please stay tuned for the results of the next phase of assessment. Visit our FB page, or go to our website: www.ceihaiti.org  or contact Cathy: Catherine@ceihaiti.org to learn more about the water program, and how you can become involved.

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