Goats, Music, and Manure


CEI's mission is three-fold: Develop human potential, transform communities, and restore the earth.

Individual capacity building is vital, and individuals have a vast amount of talent that, when called forth and given the opportunity to develop, can change the world. But as we see in many rural areas across the world, if the community's advancement doesn't keep pace with that of those within it who become better educated or more highly skilled, those people oftentimes leave.

To prevent this drain of human capital, the capacities of the community as a whole need to be developed. In agrarian areas where CEI works, for the benefit of all, we must address the needs of the environment. 

So though it might at first sounds crazy to hear that CEI's work includes goats, music, and compost, in our model those three things fit together like a hand in a glove, along with many additional initiatives. Hallmarks of our approach are:

  • Integrated grassroots approach to development
  • Holistic
  • Community driven capacity building
  • Leveraging all a community’s strengths
  • Addressing multiple root causes
  • Bringing us to a tipping point of success faster
  • There’s a lot more than goats, music, and compost like women’s business, film, non-violence and conflict resolution training, water and teacher training.
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CEI’s Haitian and American leaders have been working together for over 25 years.

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