Impact Stories


CEI's Music Instruction Program Inspires Youth of Haiti

Learn how Creative Exchanges Initiative's music program is changing lives and inspiring self-reliance in the youth of Haiti from our Music Program Director Jean Renel Louis.


CEI's Art Program Puts the 'Creative' in Creative Exchanges

In Spring 2018, CEI launched an art program in Haiti, led by an inspired instructor in the person of Fedler Descobet, who is teaching children how to draw as well as assisting with music classes. He also led the Art Camp for the Wisconsin Haiti Project in June.


Haitian Students Awarded Laptops as part of CEI Education Initiative Ceremony

Education can be exciting, fun, and rewarding to everyone involved, as you’ll see in this video of a recent CEI-sponsored celebration and awards ceremony. In Spring 2018, the CEI Education Initiative, under the direction of Jean Marc Govain, held a contest for Haitian middle and high school students to address pressing problems in Haiti and suggest solutions.

CEI Band Plays At Fèt Drapo In Paillant

Haitian Flag Day is an important National Holiday, commemorating the first Haitian Flag in 1803. CEI’s Music Program was honored to be selected as the band for this year’s celebration in Paillant.


An Investment that Pays Off – CEI Agriculture Programs, led by Agronomist Arol Ilerand

Yams are a nutritious, high-income crop that have traditionally been too expensive for most farmers in the Jeannette area to produce. 


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