Creating Equitable Systemic Change from the Ground-Up

CEI’S work is 100% driven and managed by local partners in Haiti. APSHA, a Haitian Community Based Organization (CBO), oversees all operations, guaranteeing:

  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Lasting & Equitable Results
  • Locally-Led and Locally-Driven Transformation

Sustainable Systemic Change

  • Equips locals with essential leadership skills
  • Assures competent technical oversight in all program areas
  • Creates an equitable civic infrastructure that assures all have a voice

Integrated Approach

  • Co-develops strategy with CEI and team of local program leaders
  • Coordinates and oversees all in-country initiatives
  • Replaces silo-like projects with community-wide initiatives

Community-Wide Transformation

  • Realigns power imbalances
  • Transforms dependencies into self-reliance
  • Builds viable and effective civil infrastructure

Financial Accountability

  • Develops budgets with program leaders
  • Guarantees accuracy and accountability of all disbursed funds
  • Provides accurate and in-depth financial reporting to CEI

Replicable Methodologies

  • Co-learning in an adaptive emergent process
  • Inquiry-based relationship-building precedes programmatic work
  • Unlock personal agency and self-empowerment

Capacity-Building in Local Organizations

CEI supported the founding of APSHA and continues to work hand in hand with them to grow their own organizational capacity. We partner with the Haiti Development Institute to further advance APSHA’s capabilities, while APSHA helps our program leaders do the same.