Meet CEI: Jean Renel Louis, Music Program Director and Teacher

CEI’s Music Program and Director Jean Renel Louis has a fantastic story about how he came to work with us, one which he tells us himself in his own words:

When I was young they called me Ti Sourit because I was so small. I met Madame Cathy when I was eight years old.

She was our choir director, and she always chose me for solos because I could sing so high! I come from a very poor family, and know what it is like to grow up hungry. I want to help change that for other children in my country. 

Now, I’m CEI’s Music Program Director. We started the first-ever music program in Jeannette. I also come to Alabama and work with students here in exchange programs.

I love working with children! I want to get a master’s degree in education and be the best teacher I can be.

Renel is looking forward to directing music camps in Jeannette this summer. He needs to hire additional Haitian teachers, buy music, and provide food for campers for the 2-week program. He also wants to expand the 2017–18 extracurricular music program at the school.

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