Meet CEI: Franck Toussaint, Goat Program Manager and Rural Economic Development Officer

“In Haiti, most people don’t have a bank account. Goats are their savings account.”

Franck Toussaint, CEI Rural Economic Development Officer

Franck Toussaint knows the value of a goat in Haiti. Apart from being friendly farm animals, they’re a valuable asset. Often referred to as “The Most Qualified Goat Man in Haiti,” Franck’s training included courses at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Tuskegee University, and the University of Georgia.

He’s a first-class trainer, who includes financial and social education along with goat training. He began implementing a program for CEI in Jeannette, Haiti, in January 2017. Since then he’s trained and equipped 4 veterinary technicians, has trained nearly 140 farmers and distributed nearly 200 pregnant goats!

“A healthy goat population builds an economy at the same time it provides important protein. We bring top-quality goats, training, and oversight to help the community advance together.”

Baby goats from Franck’s first recipients have been born and are being raised for future beneficiaries. Franck brings a variety of expertise, including training in nonviolence and conflict resolution—skills much needed in areas where he works.

Franck is looking forward to establishing a Haitian nonprofit with Rodolphe Eloi of CEI, and to continuing work with us. He is also looking to start goat programs in other villages near Jeannette in 2018.

$70,000 will provide a full year’s funding for a goat program to serve 5 zones (small villages) that comprise total of approximately 8,000 people. That’s approximately just $9 per person.

Looking to make a difference on goat at a time? It only takes a moment to pitch in through our online giving page!

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