A Next-Generation Model for Sustainable Systemic Change

Creative Exchanges Initiative (CEI) is a US nonprofit whose work is 100% driven and managed by local partners in Haiti.

We work with smallholder Haitian farmers to bring food security, economic viability, and to restore depleted land.

Our proven model was developed over 30 years of experience on the ground in Haiti.

We disrupt the cycle of poverty through community-led, relationship-building solutions to social injustice and civic/economic disenfranchisement, creating systemic change from the ground-up.

CEI is currently working with over 500 families in 10 villages in rural Haiti, and with teachers from 173 schools there.

  • Build participatory civic infrastructure
  • Farm co-ops
  • Women's groups
  • Teacher training
  • Strengthen local economies
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Finanancial education
  • Facilitate cultural exchanges
  • Shared learning

The CEI Model is uniquely transformative, sustainable, and replicable.

Our Model

  • Is 100% driven and managed by our local partners
  • Realigns power imbalances
  • Transforms dependencies into self-reliance
  • Builds capacity — personally and systemically
  • Builds civic infrastructure
  • Increases personal prosperity
  • Restores human dignity, self-respect, and trust
  • Is led and implemented by local experts in Haiti
  • Integrated community-wide initiatives

A special message from the mayor of Paillant, Haiti:


Impact Stories

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